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Analyses of loss factors which affect the rolling piston type rotary compressor efficiency have been theoretically and experimentally performed. Especially, it has been clarified that discharge port shape affects over-compression loss and re-expansion loss, and that mechanical loss can be significantly reduced by selecting the most suitable basic compressor(More)
The accuracy of Stereo 3D Measurement Method strongly depends on the accuracy of calibration. But, it's very difficult to maintain optical systems in exactly the same. So, we are always pressed by painful calibration. For this, some self-calibration methods are developed, but they are not a panacea for all situation. To solve this problem, we proposed(More)
A mathematical model for predicting frictional losses in ~croll compressors has been developed. l.ly using this model, each frictional loss in lubricat~d element~ can be calculated. The calculated results show that most of the losses occur between the bearings and the shaft, and between the orbiting and the fixed scroll. On the other hand, an indicator(More)
Estimation of starting torque is very important for motor design and for improvement in compressor efficiency. Especially, when compressors are restarted after a period of inoperation, motors sometimes meet large starting torque. The assumed reasons are as follow . The compressors temperature is sometimes lower than any other parts of the refrigerant cycle.(More)
  • S. Nagatoma, H. Sakata, +5 authors Mitsuo Hatori
  • 2014
In this study, a series of semi-circles were employed for the scroll walls. The compression process was investigated geometrically, and then the forces acting on the orbiting scroll were calculated. By using this analysis, the original method, which utilizes high pressure against the thrust force acting on the orbiting scroll, was suggested. Further, the(More)
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