Shigeko Ooishi

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An ascidicolid copepod, Haplostomides hawaiiensis, is described on the basis of females obtained from the compound ascidian Polyclinum constellatum collected in Keehi Lagoon, Honolulu, Hawaii. The features that separate H. hawaiiensis from other species of the genus include an elongate body with dorsal curvature and indistinct tagmosis, and a combination of(More)
This paper includes a description of Haplostomides otagoensis n. sp. and a new record from New Zealand of Botryllophilus cf. banyulensis Brément. These copepods, belonging to the family Ascidicolidae (according to Illg & Dudley, 1980), live in the ascidians Aplidium thomsoni and A. benhami, respectively. The female of the new species of Haplostomides is(More)
In taxonomic studies (in preparation) of the genus Botryllophilus from the eastern and western coastal waters of the Pacific and from the northern Gulf of California, we have found that the females are morphologically divided into 2 types. The 2 morpho-types in our material, which includes 10 species, are characterized by features of the urosome including(More)
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