Shigeki Toyama

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The increasing demand for robotic applications in dynamic unstructured environments is motivating the need for dextrous end-effectors which can cope with the wide variety of tasks and objects encountered in these environments. The human hand is a very complex grasping tool that can handle objects of different sizes and shapes. Many research activities have(More)
MR compatible apparatus is essential to design new tasks for fMRI study. This paper described the development of an MR compatible manipulandum actuated by the ultrasonic motors, which was able to work within MRI scanner and to perform fMRI task continuously during finger movements. The prototype of manipulandum was able to produce two discriminable force(More)
We present a spherical ultrasonic motor (SUSM) and an attitude sensing system using optical fibers for the SUSM. The SUSM is constructed from three ring-shaped stators and a spherical rotor, and has three degrees of freedom (DOF). It has good responsiveness, high positioning accuracy, and strong magnetic field compatibility. In the attitude sensing system,(More)
We present a pipe inspection robot using a newly developed spherical ultrasonic motor (SUSM) as a camera actuator. The novel SUSM has improved the range of movement compared to previous SUSMs, and the robot can point a camera in any direction. In this study, we determined a method for controlling the rotational direction and strategic control from the(More)
In this paper we present a driving system and control method of newly developed spherical ultrasonic motor (SUSM) as a camera actuator for pipe inspection robot. The pipe inspection robot using SUSM that is very small actuator with three rotational degrees of freedom (DOF) can be inserted to the inside of pipe of 50 mm in diameter. The novel SUSM has(More)
We present a mechanical design and implementation of spherical ultrasonic motor (SUSM) that is an actuator with multiple rotational degrees of freedom (multi-DOF). The motor is constructed of 3 annular stators and a spherical rotor and is much smaller and simpler than conventional multi-DOF mechanisms such as gimbals using servomotors. We designed a novel(More)
This paper presents the development of rotary and linear piezoelectric actuator (rotary-linear motor) for a surgical manipulator with MRI compatibility. The stator of the rotary-linear motor is fabricated as a single metallic cube with a through-hole and shaft is inserted to the through-hole. Four piezoelectric elements are bonded to the sides of the(More)
We report a miniature rotary-linear piezoelectric actuator with a single cubic stator of side length 3.5 mm which can generate rotary motion around the center axis and linear motion in the axial direction. The stator is fabricated as a single metallic cube of side length 3.5 mm with a 2.5-mm diameter through-hole and four piezoelectric elements bonded to(More)