Shigeki Toyama

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The increasing demand for robotic applications in dynamic unstructured environments is motivating the need for dextrous end-effectors which can cope with the wide variety of tasks and objects encountered in these environments. The human hand is a very complex grasping tool that can handle objects of different sizes and shapes. Many research activities have(More)
— Recently, It has become a rapidly aging society. Coupled with a decrease in the number of farmers, this has becomes a serious problem in agriculture. Agricultural work includes a great deal of heavy work and special work postures, imposing a large physical strain on farmers. Therefore, we developed the Wearable Agri-Robot, which was designed as an(More)
We present a micro ultrasonic motor having rotary and linear motions (rotary-linear motor) suitable for endovascular diagnosis and surgery. The rotary-linear motor is miniaturized to the size needed to function in a blood vessel. The stator prototype is a cube of side 3.5mm, and the main body is fabricated as a single metallic cube with a through-hole. Four(More)