Shigeki Tomonoh

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An antiserum against kanamycin (anti-KM) was elicited in rabbits immunized with a kanamycin immunogen prepared by a three-step procedure using N-(m-maleimidobenzoyloxy)succinimide as a cross-linker. KM and tobramycin (TOB) were labeled with beta-D-galactosidase utilizing another cross-linker, N-(gamma-maleimidobutyryloxy)succinimide. The labeled KM showed(More)
Electrostatic flocking is applied to create an array of aligned carbon fibers from which an elastomeric thermal interface material (TIM) can be fabricated with a high through-plane thermal conductivity of 23.3 W/mK. A high thermal conductivity can be achieved with a significantly low filler level (13.2 wt%). As a result, this material retains the intrinsic(More)
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