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Rett syndrome (RTT) is a major neurodevelopmental disorder, characterized by mental retardation and autistic behavior. Mutation of the MeCP2 gene, encoding methyl CpG-binding protein 2, causes the disease. The pathomechanism by which MeCP2 dysfunction leads to the RTT phenotype has not been elucidated. We found that MeCP2 directly regulates expression of(More)
A multidisciplinary approach was taken to investigate the intracellular locations of the 26-kDa integral membrane protein encoded by the bcl-2 gene. Subcellular fractionation analysis of a t(14;18)-containing lym-phoma cell line revealed the presence of Bcl-2 protein in nuclear, heavy-membrane, and light-membrane fractions but not in cytosol. Sedimenta-tion(More)
We used fMRI to study the human imitation of hand/arm postures and finger configuration, subjects imitated hand/arm postures in the hand condition, and they imitated finger configurations in the finger condition. Compared with the control condition, only the finger condition showed significant activation in Broca's area and symmetrical activation in the(More)
We examined neural basis underlying tool-use behavior to discuss whether or not the usage of a well-learned tool has a specific route. Regional cerebral blood flow was measured in healthy Japanese subjects using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) during object pick-up using chopsticks, object pick-up using the hand, pantomiming the use of(More)
atic duct and diffuse enlargement of the entire pancreas due to lymphocyte infiltration. In 1995, Japanese investigators 3 firstly proposed a concept of " autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) " , in which the patients showed diffusely enlarged pancreas, narrowing pancreatogram, increased serum IgG, presence of autoantibodies, fibrotic changes with lymphocytic(More)
The bell protooncogene was originally discovered because of its in volvement in t(14;18) chromosomal translocations frequently found in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. The expression of this gene is reported to be highly tissue specific, with bell mRNAs being readily detectable only in hematolymphoid tissues and brain. To explore the possible involvement of beli(More)
The present study investigated neural correlates of affect processing in allodynia patients (n=8) and healthy controls (n=12) with the aid of virtual tactile stimulation. Whole brain functional magnetic resonance imaging was performed for allodynia patients and healthy volunteers while they were shown a video demonstrating light stimulation of the palm and(More)
BACKGROUND Kangaroo care (KC) has been widely using to improve the care of low birth weight infants. However, very little is known about cerebral hemodynamics responses in low birth weight infants during KC intervention. The objective of this study was to elucidate the response of cerebral hemodynamics during KC in low birth weight infants. METHODS Near(More)
Rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder (RBD) may serve as a useful indicator to approach Parkinson's disease (PD); however, PD patients do not always exhibit RBD. We wondered whether the presence of RBD would be reflected in the expansion of PD lesions and represent the same PD entity. We examined the clinical differences between PD with and without(More)
Psychological factors are known to play an extremely important role in the maintenance and development of chronic pain conditions. However, it is unclear how such factors relate to the central neural processing of nociceptive transmission in healthy individuals. To investigate this issue, the activation of the brain was studied in 30 healthy volunteers(More)