Shigeki Nishida

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IGF-I stimulates osteoblast proliferation, bone formation, and increases bone volume in normal weight-bearing animals. During skeletal unloading or loss of weight bearing, bone becomes unresponsive to the anabolic effects of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I). To determine whether skeletal reloading after a period of unloading increases bone(More)
  • S Nishida
  • 1992
The role of substances for wound healing in chronic subdural hematoma was investigated. Fibronectin, blood coagulation factor XIII (F X III), alpha 2 -plasmin inhibitor (alpha 2-PI) and alpha 2-PI plasmin complex (PIC) in hematoma fluid were measured, sixty cases of hematoma fluid (15 cases were bilateral chronic subdural hematomas) were used for analysis.(More)
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