Shigeki Murakami

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Using the Postgastrectomy Syndrome Assessment Scale (PGSAS)-45, we compared the surgical outcomes and the quality of life (QOL) between patients undergoing limited gastrectomies and those undergoing conventional gastrectomies. In Oomoto Hospital between January 2004 and December 2013, a total of 124 patients who met the eligibility criteria were enrolled.(More)
Duplication cyst of the stomach with pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium is extremely rare. A 72-year-old Japanese woman visited Oomoto Hospital for examination of the stomach. Gastroendoscopy indicated a slightly depressed gastric cancer in the anterior wall of the middle third of the stomach. Adenocarcinoma was confirmed on endoscopic biopsy.(More)
In order to clone hepatitis C (blood-borne non-A, non-B hepatitis) virus, lambda gt11cDNA library was constructed from RNA extracted from 100 liters serum collected from 1,047 donors with elevated ALT levels and negative for hepatitis B virus-DNA. The library was immunoscreened on Y1090 cells with pooled serum obtained from patients with acute hepatitis C(More)
Sporamin, which accounts for 80% of the total soluble proteins in sweet potato tuberous roots, consists of two polypeptide classes, A and B. The sporamin cDNA clones can also be classified into sporamin A and B subfamilies based on their sequence homologies, with intra-subfamily homologies being much higher than inter-subfamily homologies. The sequence of(More)
A lambda gt11-random-primed-cDNA clone specific for chronic hepatitis C was isolated from pooled serum preumably infected by hepatitis C virus. The translation product of the clone detect 50% of patients with chronic hepatitis C in 4 test panels but none of patients with acute hepatitis C, other liver diseases or normal controls was positive for the(More)
Glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) is secreted from the small intestine to the blood in response to glucose intake during a meal; however, it is not known whether mastication affects GLP-1 secretion. Here, we examined the relationship between mastication and GLP-1 secretion, along with postprandial blood glucose and insulin concentrations. We compared the(More)
The authors recently treated a case of aggressive angiomyxoma occurring in the left scrotum. A 61-year-old Japanese man was diagnosed as having an inguinal irreducible hernia that descended to the bottom of the scrotum preoperatively. However, during the operation a large tumor was found between the spermatic fascia and the skin pressing the testis upward.(More)
A syringe-type radiopharmaceutical being supplied by a manufacturer has a syringe shield and a plunger shield, whereas an in-hospital labeling radiopharmaceutical is administered by a disposable plastic syringe without the plunger shield. In cooperation with Nihon Medi-Physics Co. Ltd., we have produced a new experimental plunger shield for the disposable(More)
High-dose toremifene therapy (120 mg/day) is useful for the recurrence of receptor-positive breast cancer. However, some reports show that combination therapy of high-dose toremifene and chemotherapy exhibits additive effects. Twelve patients were given oral chemotherapy (capecitabine, 5'-DFUR+CPA, S-1) with high-dose toremifene. The overall response rate(More)
Presented herein is a case of primary pure osteosarcoma of the breast. A 59-year-old woman noticed a left breast tumor. Mammography showed a cluster of crushed stone-like calcifications, which gave the tumor a raw cotton-like appearance. Malignancy was suspected on fine-needle aspiration cytology of the tumor. An excisional biopsy was performed. The tumor(More)
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