Shigeki Mantani

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Using only a microphone array system, echolocation pulses and three-dimensional flight paths in the frequency-modulated bat, Pipistrellus abramus, during natural foraging, were simultaneously examined. During the search phase, the inter-pulse interval, pulse duration, and moving distance of the bat between successive emissions were relatively constant at(More)
The life cycle of Arabidopsis plants was examined by growing them on a horizontal clinostat. Seeds on agar media were allowed to germinate and seedlings were grown under a simulated microgravity on a horizontal clinostat. Clinorotation (3 rpm) did not appear to interfere with germination of plant seeds and development of cotyledons and leaves. Stress(More)
Echolocation sounds of Rhinolophus ferrumequinum nippon as they approached a fluttering moth (Goniocraspidum pryeri) were investigated using an on-board telemetry microphone (Telemike). In 40 % of the successful moth-capture flights, the moth exhibited distinctive evasive flight behavior, but the bat pursued the moth by following its flight path. When the(More)
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