Shigeki Kurasawa

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Fertilization results in cortical granule exocytosis, which is thought to be involved in modifications of the zona pellucida that constitute the zona pellucida block to polyspermy. A previous report demonstrated that a decrease in the number of Lens culinaris agglutinin-staining granules, which are likely to be cortical granules, occurred during in vivo(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the association between the morphologic classification of nailfold capillary microscopy and the clinical and demographic findings in workers exposed to hand-arm vibration. The subjects were 44 male forestry workers (average age; 51.9 ± 14.8 yr). The nailfold capillaries (NC) and the mean blood flow velocity were(More)
The present study was to obtain basic data for applying the short stick exercises to frail elderly individuals. A total of 20 individuals aged ≥60 years (10 men, and 10 women) with independence in activities of daily living participated in a short stick exercise program. During the exercise program, the time required and the number of times the short stick(More)
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