Shigeki Kataoka

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Pancreatectomy in a 45-year-old woman showed, after pathologic analysis, an epidermoid cyst originating from an intrapancreatic accessory spleen. This mass consisted of parenchymal and cystic components. It is important to note the relation between the splenic parenchyma and the parenchymal component of the mass for the differential diagnosis of a cystic(More)
Erythrocyte volumes of thoroughbred horses were measured. The volumes of splenectomized horses and sham-operated horses 2 hr after injection of 50Cr-tagged erythrocytes (at rest) and during maximal exercise were measured using the non-radioactive isotope 50Cr. Because splenic erythrocytes are released into circulation during exercise, it was estimated that(More)
To elucidate the pathophysiological process of alcoholic pancreatitis, chronic alcohol intoxication was made in Wistar rats on balanced diet giving 20% ethanol freely for 60 weeks. The control rats received water. Histological picture of the pancreas, hormonal activity in the mucosa of upper digestive tract and the nature of pancreatic juice were examined(More)
Cholecystokinin (CCK)-like activities in the duodenal mucosa were measured by bioassay in patients with duodenal ulcer, cholelithiasis and some other gastrointestinal diseases as well as in healthy normal subjects. The mean CCK-like activity of the duodenal mucosa in patients with duodenal ulcer and cholelithiasis was 0.405 Ivy dog units per milligram and(More)
Ligation of the thoracic duct resul t s in an edema and marked dilatat ion of lymphat ics of pancreas , while it does not impa i r the secretory funct ion of exocrine pancreas cells. Electron microscopic observations also reveal tha t the s l ight di la tat ion of secretory ducts, s l ight decrease in n u m b e r of zymogen granules, and widening and(More)
optimum temperature was 55~ but heating at 70~ for 30 minutes did not inactivate the PhospholipaseA. 3) The pancreatic content of PhospholipaseA in man was approximately 20-400 times that in the dog. 4) In duodenal juice at PS test, the PhospholipaseA was similar to amylase in both pattern and output. 5) The PhospholipaseA in the duodenal juice at PS test(More)
1) For evaluating pancreatic diseases with Wohlgemuth’s method of amylase determination, the significant values lie only above 64 unit, and in the low units (2–8) there is no significance suggesting pancreatic abnormalities. 2) Serial determination on urinary amylase excretion is recommended for diagnosing of chronic pancreatic disorders. 3) It is suggested(More)
On 79 pat ients wi th pancreat ic , liver, and bi l iary disorders, and wi th diabetes mellitus, Pancreozymin-Secretin tes ts (P-S test) have been performed. The resul ts were as follows: 1. Dis turbances of pancreat ic exocrine secret ion were found not only in group of pancreat ic disorders, but also in group of hepatic disorders wi th high incidence. 2.(More)
When secretin was given by continuous intravenous infusion in the control subjects, the dose of secretin inducing maximal bicarbonate output was found to be around 6.0 CHR U/kg/hr. Then the pancreatic exocrine secretory response to sequential standard (1.2 CHR U/kg/hr) and augmented (6.0 CHR U/kg/hr) dose of secretin was studied in the controls, in patients(More)
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