Shigeki Hashimoto

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PURPOSE We evaluated the clinical usefulness of flicker perimetry in glaucoma and glaucoma suspect patients using the new Octopus 311 automated perimeter. METHODS A total of 52 eyes of 52 glaucoma patients, 26 eyes of 26 glaucoma suspect patients and 61 eyes of 61 normal subjects were examined using standard automated perimetry (SAP), flicker perimetry(More)
PURPOSE In cases of macular hole, metamorphopsia is one of the most important symptoms, along with decreased visual acuity and a central scotoma. We investigated the relationship between the degree of metamorphopsia and the morphological appearance of macular holes. METHODS Using M-CHARTS developed by ourselves, we quantified the metamorphopsia scores in(More)
PURPOSE To assess the correlations between a patient's subjective perception of metamorphopsia and the clinical measurements of metamorphopsia by M-CHARTS and PreView PHP (PHP). METHODS The authors designed a 10-item questionnaire focusing on the symptoms of metamorphopsia and verified its validity with a Rasch analysis. M-CHARTS measured the minimum(More)
Nonfibrillar assemblies of amyloid β-protein (Aβ) are considered to play primary roles in Alzheimer disease (AD). Elucidating the assembly pathways of these specific aggregates is essential for understanding disease pathogenesis and developing knowledge-based therapies. However, these assemblies cannot be monitored in vivo, and there has been no reliable in(More)
PURPOSE Using M-CHARTS (Inami Co., Tokyo, Japan), which were developed by the authors to measure metamorphopsia, and image-analysis software, which was developed to quantify retinal contraction, the authors investigated the relationship between the degree of retinal contraction and the degree of metamorphopsia in eyes with idiopathic epiretinal membrane(More)
Activity improvement of an antimicrobial peptide, thanatin, has been achieved up to 4-fold higher than natural original one by site-specific chemical modifications with tert-butyl group at two cysteine residues which form an intramoleular disulfide bridge. The chemically modified thanatin (C11tBu/C18tBu) exhibited improved antimicrobial activity toward(More)
PURPOSE To compare the detectability between glaucomatous visual field changes using standard automated perimetry (SAP), frequency doubling technology (FDT), short-wavelength automated perimetry (SWAP), and flicker perimetry and structural changes using optical coherence tomography (OCT). PARTICIPANTS Fifty-nine eyes of fifty-nine patients with open-angle(More)
Seven mutant forms of the antibacterial peptide apidaecin with increased activity were created by combinatorial mutagenesis targeted to the three N-terminal amino acid residues that had previously been identified as a nonessential region. An in vitro MIC assay revealed that the amino acid substitutions in the functionally variable region were effective in(More)
BACKGROUND Candida species are clinically important causes of bloodstream infections because their mortality is very high. Given that some species of Candida are azole-resistant, identifying the distributions of Candida species could facilitate the formulation of an appropriate empirical antifungal therapy. It has been shown that the distribution varies(More)
A new fluorescent sensor consisting of Cd(II)-cylcen appended aminocoumarin and a substrate peptide for protein kinase A (PKA) has been designed. Upon phosphorylation by PKA, the metal complex moiety binds to a phosphorylated residue, which in turn displaces the coumarin fluorophore, and this event results in ratiometric change of excitation spectrum in(More)