Shigehiro Nishijima

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To enter the realm of human gene therapy, a novel drug delivery system is required for efficient delivery of small molecules with high safety for clinical usage. We have developed a unique vector "HVJ-E (hemagglutinating virus of Japan-envelope)" that can rapidly transfer plasmid DNA, oligonucleotide, and protein into cells by cell-fusion. In this study, we(More)
To investigate the nature of mutations induced by accelerated ions in eukaryotic cells, the effects of carbon-ion irradiation were compared with those of gamma-ray irradiation in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The mutational effect and specificity of carbon-ion beams were studied in the URA3 gene of the yeast. Our experiments showed that the(More)
The highly accurate BCI using alpha waves was developed for controlling the robot arm, and real-time operation was succeeded by using noninvasive electrodes. The significant components of the alpha wave were identified by spectral analysis and confirmation of the amplitude of the alpha wave. When the alpha wave was observed in the subject, the subjects were(More)
In the recent progress of gene and cell therapy, novel drug delivery system (DDS) has been required for efficient delivery of small molecules/drugs and also the safety for clinical usage. We have already developed the unique transfection technique by preparing magnetic vector and using permanent magnet. This technique can improve the transfection(More)
In an aged society, the problem of urine incontinence is becoming more serious. Urine incontinence is a considerable factor in lowering the QOL (quality of life) of both elderly people and care workers. It is important to understand the micturition desire of elderly people in advance and to take appropriate care. Bioelectrical impedance analysis is one of(More)
The objective of this study is to construct a method to quantify and formulate the human tactile sensation. We have tried to indicate the sensory scores of tactile sensation as a combination of the physical values of skin care products. Consequently, the extracted principle factors of the sensory properties could be related to the physical values by(More)
The tactile sensation of human hair during combing by finger or brush is deteriorated by damages induced by external stimuli, such as UV irradiation or bleaching. It is because the characteristics of human hair are affected by external environments. It is reported that the damage on human hair by UV irradiation is accelerated in bleached hair. In this(More)