Shigeharu Kito

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A transrectal real-time B mode linear scanner was used to learn if the appearance of a cavity in the corpus luteum (CL) in cows causes infertility. Sixty-one cows that were confirmed to have ovulated after artificial insemination (AI) were used. Some of the cows that returned to estrus were examined two or three times; thus, a total of 78 observations were(More)
Seven hundred and six bovine corpora lutea in various luteal stages were examined morphologically and endocrinologically to discover whether there is a relationship between the presence of a central cavity in the corpus luteum and infertility in cows. A central cavity was found in 42.1 per cent (80/190) of developing corpora lutea, 33.7 per cent (126/374)(More)
This paper presents a knowledge representation for the use of a fuzzy and qualitative data called activity pattern. The data is very often used in a catalyst design which is one of subfields in chemistry. A significant characteristic of the activity pattern is as follows. That is, the human knowledge for using it is very complicated and the cognitive(More)
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