Shigeatsu Yoshioka

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BACKGROUND One of the goals for a Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) system is implementation in the clinical practice of pathology. One of the unresolved problems in accomplishing this goal is the speed of the entire process, i.e., from viewing the slides through making the final diagnosis. Most users are not satisfied with the correct viewing speeds of available(More)
Figure 1: Scenes rendered using a Cell processor for ray-scene intersection tests. From left to right: the Stanford bunny and BART robots (with shadows), and the BART kitchen (with specular reflection). Over the past few years, advances in both software techniques and hardware performance have spurred increased research into ray tracing images in(More)
The foundation of the modern life is based on energy generation. As metropolitan regions have become over time more populous, private and public companies have started to research renewable energy sources. In order to follow such demand new computer techniques have had to be developed. This paper presents a framework, SolarEnergy, which aims to assist the(More)
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