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Twenty-two university students with unilateral functional instability of the ankle participated in this study. They were randomly assigned to one of two experimental groups. Subjects in both groups were trained to stand on the affected limb on an ankle disk. In group 1, two pieces of 1-cm wide nonelastic adhesive tape were applied to the skin around the(More)
We report two children with post radiation midbrain damage causing severe neurological symptoms. A twelve-year-old boy with a four year history of hydrocephalus was diagnosed with tectal glioma, which endoscopic biopsy revealed to be low grade. He underwent gamma knife radiation surgery (central 24 Gy/peripheral 12 Gy). Two months later bilateral ptosis(More)
A 28-year-old female attended an outpatient clinic in October, 1989, because of a tumor in the left supraclavicular fossa, detected in a health examination. Following exploratory puncture of the tumor which yielded milky-white fluid, suggesting a cyst in the thoracic duct, she was admitted to our department. The cyst was unilocular measuring about 6 cm in(More)
Two rare cases of subdural fluid collection are reported. In these cases, the subdural space was in direct communication with the lateral ventricle through the congenital brain defects. The subdural fluid was formed by the cerebrospinal fluid which passed from the lateral ventricle through the brain defects. The difficulty to diagnose these cases from the(More)
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