Shigeaki Harada

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— Video streaming with HDTV or UHDV quality will be provided and widely demanded in the future. However, the transmission bit-rate of high-quality video streaming is quite large, so generated traffic flows will cause link congestion. Therefore, when providing streaming services of rich content, it is important to flatten the link utilization, i.e., reduce(More)
—Due to integrated high-speed networks accommodating various types of services and applications, the quality of service (QoS) requirements for those networks have also become diverse. The network resources are shared by the individual service traffic in the integrated network. Thus, the QoS of all the services may be degraded indiscriminately when the(More)
—As a promising solution to manage the huge work-load of large-scale VoD services, managed peer-assisted CDN systems, such as P4P [25] has attracted attention. Although the approach works well in theory or in a controlled environment, to our best knowledge, there have been no general studies that address how actual peers can be incentivized in the wild(More)