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The structure of 19,20,22 C has been investigated using high-energy (around 240 MeV/nucleon) one-and two-neutron removal reactions on a carbon target. Measurements were made of the inclusive cross sections and momentum distributions for the charged residues. Narrow momentum distributions were observed for one-neutron removal from 19 C and 20 C and(More)
The 5' flanking region of the alpha isoform of the rat Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (alpha CaM kinase II) gene was isolated in 2.3 kbp of genomic sequence. Functional analysis of alpha CaM kinase II promoter deletion mutants fused to a reporter gene in neuroblastoma, including N18TG2, NG108-15, and CAD cells revealed strong transcriptional(More)
Chk1 inhibitor acts as a potent radiosensitizer in p53-deficient tumor cells by abrogating the G2/M checkpoint. However, the effects of Chk1 inhibitor on the duration of G2 arrest have not been precisely analyzed. To address this issue, we utilized a cell-cycle visualization system, fluorescent ubiquitination-based cell-cycle indicator (Fucci), to analyze(More)
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