Shifra Birnbaum

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We previously reported that our genome-scanning initiative had detected a highly significant linkage (log odds ratio = 4.95; P = 9 x 10(-7)) between a quantitative trait locus (QTL) on chromosome 2 and leptin levels in Mexican American families. We now have typed additional microsatellite markers in this region, increasing this log odds ratio score to 7.46(More)
Relative levels of many individual proteins in Escherichia coli HB101 strains with 0, 37, 56, and 240 plasmids per chromosome were determined by computer image analysis of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis patterns. The plasmids investigated had very similar sequences except for small domains encoding the repressor of plasmid replication. At the(More)
Like humans, baboons possess apolipoprotein[a] (apo[a]), a unique protein component of the atherogenic lipoprotein [a] (Lp[a]) particle. Baboon apo[a] also exhibits extensive variation with respect to size and serum levels. In this report, we have cloned the 5' flanking region of the baboon apo[a] gene (I isoform) and performed promoter mapping studies to(More)
Various protein isoforms have been identified for human apolipoprotein A-IV (apoA-IV). However, investigations of their physiological effects have been limited because of low frequencies for many of the apoA-IV variants. Recent discovery of extensive variation in baboon apoA-IV using isoelectric focusing (IEF) makes this primate species an excellent model(More)