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Precision irrigation in fuzzy control system based on crop water stress acoustic monitoring was designed in the paper. Moreover, conventional double fuzzy control model was found to carry out two work mode, normal irrigation and precision irrigation, which aims to both ensure normal growth of crops and achieve effective water-saving. Since five input(More)
A wireless video communication system applied to plant disease control is introduced in this paper. The system is used to acquire and transmit the field plant image or video data for subsequent monitoring and diagnosis. It is based on the DSP TMS320DM642 and nRF24L01 single chip 2.4GHz radio transceiver. It has two data compress and transmission tactics to(More)
A computerized and automatic precision irrigation system based on estimation of crops water stress with acoustic emission (AE) technique was developed in the modern greenhouse. The system can automatically acquire the real-time AE signals and transpiration data from tomato crop respectively with AE sensor and electronic balance, The system also can(More)
With the rapid development of online shopping, the ability to intelligently collect and analyze information about E-shoppers has become a key source of competitive advantage for firms. This paper presents a optimal algorithm of modeling dynamic architecture for artificial neural networks (ANN) and a novel machine-learning algorithm for extracting rules from(More)
RFID technology, USB communication technology, on-line battery internal resistance monitoring technology and virtual instrument host computer scheme with database technique was adopted to establish an original VRLAB detection and maintenance system, whilst the software and hardware design was completed. Current system has solved the problem of wasting time(More)
The polymer-complexation-ultrafiltration (PCUF) technique was applied to separate trace levels of rare earth elements (REEs), including scandium, yttrium and the lanthanides, from high-salinity matrices prior to their determination by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The REEs were converted into REE-polymer complexes using the(More)
The character of gas moving and air flow in heading laneway of underground coal mine was analyzed. Moreover, conventional double fuzzy control model was found to carry out two work mode, normal ventilation and gas discharging. In order to enhance the learning capabilities of the system to the environment, self-learning fuzzy model for auxiliary fan was(More)
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