Shifeng Shang

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Recently IT giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM are gearing up to be a part of the Cloud and begin to sell their cloud services. However, the current market trading mechanism is inflexible, and the price is not reasonable enough in some situation. Therefore, we first propose a cloud market framework for people to build a uniform and fully(More)
Cloud computing is a promising way providing users computing resources. These resources are provided by means of standard computing instances. Currently there are three price schemas including spot, reservation and on-demand in cloud market, but the average difference among these three pricing schema can be as much as 2.7 times even for the same instance(More)
The development of multi-core system is ushering in the computer revolution, which strongly drives the programming towards the parallel direction. Software pipeline is one kind of efficient parallel task building. The main reason is that a system commonly includes several subtasks, which execute special functions. When a subtask finishes, some intermediate(More)
In the recent years, many efforts have been made for the development of the Grid workflow systems. Currently most Grid workflow systems focus on data analysis function or specific Grid applications, while building large-scale scientific collaborative applications is still not easy for common users. In this paper, requirement of Grid workflow spanning(More)
Cloud computing provides an elastic, on-demand and high cost-efficient resource allocation model for task executions. Cloud resource provider cloud offers computing resource, typically in the form of virtual machines. During task execution, the load will change from time to time and therefore, it becomes an interesting topic to optimize resource utilization(More)
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