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Chelating agents role on phase formation and surface morphology of single orthorhombic YMn2O5 nanorods via modified polyacrylamide gel route
YMn2O5 nanorods were synthesized through a modified polyacrylamide gel route. The synthesis strategy in this work is based on a sol-gel process using a polyacrylamide gel method in which oxalic acid,Expand
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Hydrothermal synthesis, growth mechanism, optical properties and photocatalytic activity of cubic SrTiO3 particles for the degradation of cationic and anionic dyes
Abstract Cubic SrTiO3 particles were synthesized by a hydrothermal reaction method under the alkaline condition using commercial P25 TiO2 and Sr(OH)2∙8H2O powders as the starting materials. It isExpand
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Piezoelectric and dielectric properties of nanoporous polyvinylidence fluoride (PVDF) films
A nanoporous polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) thin film was developed for applications in energy harvesting, medical surgeries, and industrial robotics. This sponge-like nanoporous PVDF structureExpand
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Current progress in production of biopolymeric materials based on cellulose, cellulose nanofibers, and cellulose derivatives
Cellulose has attracted considerable attention as the strongest potential candidate feedstock for bio-based polymeric material production. During the past decade, significant progress in theExpand
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A highly specific and sensitive turn-on fluorescence probe for hypochlorite detection based on anthracene fluorophore and its bioimaging applications
Abstract Developing highly sensitive and specific methods for tracking hypochlorite (ClO−) is highly desirable for unraveling its pathophysiological function in biological systems. Herein, a simpleExpand
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Photocatalytic activity tuning in a novel Ag2S/CQDs/CuBi2O4 composite: Synthesis and photocatalytic mechanism
Abstract CuBi2O4 dumbbell-like architecture built from nanorods was synthesized by a simple coprecipitation route. The growth process of the dumbbell-like architecture was investigated by varying theExpand
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Synthesis, optical properties, and cellular imaging of novel quinazolin-2-amine nopinone derivatives
Abstract Quinazolin-2-amine derivatives (4–6) were successfully synthesized from β-pinene derivative nopinone and characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscope (FT-IR), nuclear magneticExpand
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A novel nopinone-based colorimetric and ratiometric fluorescent probe for detection of bisulfite and its application in food and living cells
Abstract A colorimetric and ratiometric fluorescent probe DTF for HSO3− was synthesized from natural and renewable nopinone. The fluorescent probe DTF can quantitatively detect HSO3− with highExpand
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Three novel camphor-based fluorescence probes for ratiometric detection of hypochlorite and bio-imaging in living cells
Abstract The development of reliable method for detection of hypochlorite (ClO−) in vivo is of great importance to understand the precise roles of ClO− in a variety of pathological and physiologicalExpand
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Construction of a CQDs/Ag3PO4/BiPO4 Heterostructure Photocatalyst with Enhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Rhodamine B under Simulated Solar Irradiation
A carbon quantum dot (CQDs)/Ag3PO4/BiPO4 heterostructure photocatalyst was constructed by a simple hydrothermal synthesis method. The as-prepared CQDs/Ag3PO4/BiPO4 photocatalyst has beenExpand
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