Shifa S. Gandhi

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A number of sensory changes occur in the earliest stages of Parkinson's disease (PD), some of which precede the expression of the classic motor phenotype by years (e.g., olfactory dysfunction). Whether point pressure sensitivity (PPS), a cutaneous measure of light touch mediated by myelinated Aβ fibers, is altered in early PD is not clear. Prior studies on(More)
BACKGROUND Mumbai, the financial capital of India, was attacked by terrorists at various famous, densely populated places on 26 November 2008. The attack lasted for 60 h, resulting in multiple civilian casualties from bullet and blast injuries. The aim was to review the disaster management plan and analyse the injury patterns and surgical response. (More)
Primary mitochondrial disease is caused by either mitochondrial or nuclear DNA mutations that impact the function of the mitochondrial respiratory chain. Individuals with mitochondrial disorders have comorbid conditions that may increase their risk for poor bone health. The objective of this retrospective electronic medical record (EMR) review was to(More)
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