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BACKGROUND When the inframammary fold (IMF) is excised in mastectomy procedures for oncologic reasons, it must be recreated to restore a natural breast shape. Despite refinements in surgical techniques, postoperative loss of a well-defined IMF can occur. This study aimed to assess the outcomes of IMF recreation after two-stage, implant-based breast(More)
Frontofacial monobloc advancement is one of the most rewarding techniques for correcting aesthetic and functional problems of patients with severe craniofacial synostosis, which can advance the upper and middle third of the face simultaneously. Application of gradual distraction technique has been reported to reduce notorious risks after a frontofacial(More)
To date, nerve stumps have been dissected at the proximal side of the donor muscle for reinnervation of the muscle in free neurovascular muscle transfer. Herein, we examined the use of the distal thoracodorsal nerve, dissected from the muscle belly at the distal side of the latissimus dorsi muscle, for the reinnervation of muscle. The rat right latissimus(More)
Superficial temporal artery (STA) flaps are often used for reconstruction of hair-bearing areas. However, primary closure of the donor site is not easy when the size of the necessary skin island is relatively large. In such cases, skin grafts are needed at the donor site, resulting in baldness. We have solved this issue by applying the divided and sliding(More)
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