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Phenol degradation by Candida tropicalis and its fusant, which is produced using protoplast fusion as a selective technique, is evaluated under batch and high concentration conditions. The respirometric data show that oxygen uptake activities of both yeast strains peak at pH 7.0 and 32 degrees C, but the fusant is more active than the control strain.(More)
A new amide, magnolamide (1), and a new lignan, magnolone (2), whose structures were determined on the basis of spectral analysis, were found in the leaves of Magnolia coco. Eleven known compounds (episesamin, sesamin, magnolol, fargesin, aschantin, epieudesmin, syringaresinol, syringaresinol-O-beta-D-glucopyroside, scoparone, oxoanolobine, and(More)