Shieh-Shiuh Kung

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Bacteria isolated from marine sediments were screened for their ability to accumulate polyhydroxyalkanoates. Among the isolates, four Vibrio spp. (strain M11, M14, M20 and M31) were studied in detail. All synthesized intracellular lipid inclusions during growth on diverse carbon sources including acetate, glycerol, succinate, glucose and sucrose. The(More)
Bacillus subtilis is able to synthesize a lipopeptide biosurfactant (known as surfactin), which is one of the most effective biosurfactants available. In our previous study, B. subtilis ATCC 21332 was used to produce surfactant and it was found that the addition of iron at an appropriate amount significantly improved the biosurfactant production. However,(More)
The AMPA receptor (AMPAR), a pharmacologically defined ionotropic glutamate receptor, mediates fast excitatory synaptic transmission in the vertebrate central nervous system. Mammalian and avian AMPARs are assembled from the products of four genes (GRIA1–GRIA4) conserved in their translated sequences and gene organizations. Teleost fish also express AMPAR(More)
The influence of the properties and surface micropatterning of chitosan-collagen-gelatin (CCG) blended membranes on C3A cell's activities has been investigated. It is aimed to guide the cell growth and improve the growth rate in vitro for the application in tissue engineering. Masters with micropatterns are prepared on stainless steel plates by(More)
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