Shidrokh Goudarzi

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BACKGROUND As a performance evaluating program, healthcare indicators of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the end year of the 4th five-year socioeconomic strategic plan (2008) were evaluated in comparison with the same indicators at the 1st year of the 9th government (2004). METHODS The indicators were selected with the Delphi technique among the published(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the efficacy of customer relationship management (CRM) benefits for customers in relation to customer satisfaction. A model has been developed and empirically tested through survey data collected from 150 customers of three Malaysian companies. The results indicate that the benefits of CRM for customers have had a(More)
Banks spend a great amount of money on providing the Internet banking service to customers. Hence, the lack of adoption of Internet banking can bring negative consequences for the banks. As a result, banks continuously try to adapt their business strategies to increase customer satisfaction. This paper provides an overview of the extant research into the(More)
This study aims to design a vertical handover prediction method to minimize unnecessary handovers for a mobile node (MN) during the vertical handover process. This relies on a novel method for the prediction of a received signal strength indicator (RSSI) referred to as IRBF-FFA, which is designed by utilizing the imperialist competition algorithm (ICA) to(More)
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