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With the development of civil aviation and the increasing demand of good service, the importance of evaluating the capacity of the runway at the airport is obvious. The paper proposes a fast method to evaluate the runway which is based on the arrival-departure curve and statistical analysis and overcome the boundedness of historical data. This method can(More)
Display and publishing vector spatial data under Internet environment is a pending problem for realization of WebGIS. Scalable vector graphics (SVG) provide an open solution for display and distributing vector data. In this study, we explored how to organize and encode spatial data utilizing SVG. A SVG-based WebGIS architecture was designed based on the(More)
Emotional interaction plays an important role in human-computer interaction domains. One of the major limitations in the study of emotion interaction is the lack of databases. This paper describes a database for emotion interactions of the elderly. The database was collected with audio and video from sixteen actors (8 female and 8 male) in daily(More)