Shidong Jiang

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A second kind integral equation formulation is presented for the Dirichlet problem for the Laplace equation in two dimensions, with the boundary conditions specified on a collection of open curves. The performance of the obtained apparatus is illustrated with several numerical examples. The formulation is a simplification of the equation previously(More)
We present a fast algorithm for the evaluation of exact nonreflecting boundary conditions for the time-dependent Schrödinger equation in two dimensions on the unit circle. After separation of variables, the exact outgoing condition for each Fourier mode contains a nonlocal term which is a convolution integral in time. The kernel for that convolution is the(More)
A detailed analysis is presented of all pseudo-differential operators of orders up to 2 encountered in classical potential theory in two dimensions. Each of the operators under investigation turns out to be a sum of one or more of standard operators (second derivative, derivative of the Hilbert transform, etc.), and an integral operator with smooth kernel.(More)
Efficient delivery of therapeutic proteins to a target site remains a challenge due to rapid clearance from the body. Here, we selected tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) as a model protein system to investigate the interactions between the protein and a nonionic block copolymer as a possible protecting agent for the protein. By varying the temperature, we were(More)
Sulfur is a promising cathode material for lithium-sulfur batteries because of its high theoretical capacity (1,675 mA h g(-1)); however, its low electrical conductivity and the instability of sulfur-based electrodes limit its practical application. Here we report a facile in situ method for preparing three-dimensional porous graphitic carbon composites(More)
We present a fast and accurate algorithm for the evaluation of nonlocal (longrange) Coulomb and dipole-dipole interactions in free space. The governing potential is simply the convolution of an interaction kernel U(x) and a density function ρ(x) = |ψ(x)|2 for some complexvalued wave function ψ(x), permitting the formal use of Fourier methods. These are(More)