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Energy-Efficient Precoder Design for MIMO Wiretap Channels
In this letter, we study energy-efficient precoder design in a three-node MIMO wiretap channel. Different from previous works in this area that mainly focus on secrecy rate maximization or powerExpand
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Ergodic rate analysis for massive MIMO relay systems with multi-pair users under imperfect CSI
In this paper, we consider a multi-pair relay system with massive antenna arrays deployed at a single relay. We analyze the ergodic achievable rate when MRC/MRT is utilized at relay with theExpand
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Energy-efficient resource allocation for device-to-device communication with WPT
In this study, the authors address the downlink resource (subchannels and power) allocation problem for device-to-device communication with wireless power transfer technique in a cellular network toExpand
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QoS-Aware User Association for Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
In this paper, we propose a load-aware and QoS- aware user association strategy that jointly considers the load of each BS and user's achievable rate instead of only utilizing the latter, andExpand
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SINR balancing technique for robust beamforming in V2X-SWIPT system based on a non-linear EH model
Abstract Vehicle to everything (V2X) is emerging as a promising application scenario of next generation mobile communications. In V2X systems, a series of applications (information transmission,Expand
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Green fronthaul allocation and power management in Cloud-RAN
In cloud radio access network (Cloud-RAN), most previous research aims to reduce the energy consumption of the total system and ignores specific requirements of energy-saving in mobile users. For theExpand
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Energy efficient power allocation scheme in heterogeneous cellular networks
The deployment of small-cell access points(SCAs) is widely acknowledged as a promising network densification way to satisfy the future capacity needs of 5G wireless cellular network. In this paper,Expand
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Achievable rate of UAV-based communication with uniform circular arrays in Ricean fading
Abstract In future wireless communication systems, combining unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with massive MIMO technology is a promising solution to meet ever-increasing data demand due to it hasExpand
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Precoding design for interference mitigation in cognitive radio networks based on matrix distance
Display Omitted The cognitive interference alignment feasibility condition is investigated.A new convex optimization problem of the CIA problem is then obtained.An efficient algorithm is thenExpand
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Robust Beamforming Design for Secure V2X Downlink System with Wireless Information and Power Transfer under a Nonlinear Energy Harvesting Model
Vehicle to everything (V2X) has been deemed a promising technology due to its potential to achieve traffic safety and efficiency. This paper considers a V2X downlink system with a simultaneousExpand
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