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Viral inclusion bodies (VIBs) are specific intracellular compartments for reoviruses replication and assembly. Aquareovirus nonstructural protein NS80 has been identified to be the major constituent for forming globular VIBs in our previous study. In this study, we investigated the role of NS80 in viral structural proteins expression and viral replication.(More)
Aquareoviruses AqRVs have a close relationship with orthoreoviruses. However, they contain an additional genome segment, S11, which encodes nonstructural protein NS26. We previously showed that NS26 can enhance the fusogenic activity of the fusion-associated small transmembrane FAST protein NS16 from AqRV. In this study, a TLPK motif in NS26 was identified(More)
Reoviruses are non-enveloped icosahedral virions with an outer capsid surrounding their cores, which harbor the 10–12 segmented double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) genome. To date, there are 15 proposed genera in the family Reoviridae (King et al., 2012), including Aquareovirus. Generally, aquareoviruses are of low pathogenicity in aquaculture. However, grass carp(More)
Grass carp reovirus (GCRV) is a member of the genus Aquareovirus in the family Reoviridae, and contains five core proteins (VP1-VP4 and VP6) and two outer-capsid proteins (VP5 and VP7) in its particle. Previous studies have revealed that the outer-capsid proteins of reovirus are responsible for initiating infection, but the mechanism is poorly understood.(More)
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