Shichun Yang

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The power required to drive the Hybrid electric generated by combination of internal combustion engine and electric motor. To make the power train of the hybrid electric vehicle as efficient as possible, proper management of the different energy elements is essential. This task is completed by the hybrid electric vehicle control strategy. A genetic-fuzzy(More)
Recently, Bennett arononled that he proved a conjecture of Sierpinski on triangular numbers. In this paper, we firstly modified the mistakes in reference [7] of Bennett and [8] of Chen and Fang, and then using Störmer’s theorem of the solutions of Pell equation, and a deep result of primitive divisor of Bilu, Hanrot and Voutier, we proved that there do not(More)
A torque distribution controller based on the fuzzy logic for a double-clutch parallel hybrid electric vehicle was designed to determine the distribution of torque between engine and motor. Fuzzy logic controller is designed bases on speed, driver commands and battery state of charge. The motor auxiliary drive, ensuring the state of charge normal and(More)
Fuzzy control strategy is developed for the dual-clutch single-axis torque coupling parallel hybrid electric vehicle. In this paper the torque distribution fuzzy controller which has been designed for the hybrid vehicle which is optimized by genetic algorithms. The simulation model of the hybrid vehicle was built upon matlab / simulink and ADVISOR software.(More)
A fuzzy intelligent-integration PID control strategy is developed on an LPG single-gas-fuel sequence injection SI engine and is employed to control its idle speed. The algorithm is processed by an ECU with an Infineon XC2787 MCU. Experiment is conducted on a passenger car's LPG single-gas-fuel engine. The experiment results demonstrate that the control(More)
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