Shichun Pang

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In this article, a verifiable vector space secret sharing scheme is proposed in detail. It's security is based on the security of elliptic curve cryptography. This scheme has the following characteristics: The precondition of (t ,n) -threshold secret sharing scheme that all assignees' purview must be same is generalized. A verifiable infrastructure is(More)
It is of key significance and reference value to provide variability for model-driven software development. Capturing the common feature and variable benefits a lot from the variability modeling which provides an approach of model reuse for constructing a family of application model. Based on the research that the variability mechanism of feature modeling(More)
This article proposes a collaborative workflow system based on ontology, which is focused on typical database access. By introducing ontology base and realizing the ontology definition of flow service, domain knowledge and user interface, the system is able to incorporate collaborative knowledge dynamically and thus is flexible enough to apply in other(More)
As Internet technologies advance, the problem of Internet security has become increasingly urgent. This study integrates the identity authentication scheme with the vector space scheme and applies the elliptic curve cryptosystem, to construct a group signature authentication cryptosystem. The application environment is required to transmit data through the(More)
This paper researches and analyses the model of virtualization in the current trend of cloud computing technology and management mechanism of Para virtualization based on Xen according to the characteristics of virtualization. In this mode, we analyses the I/O scheduler's result which impacts for the entire cluster system in the virtual machines and Drawing(More)
The main problem in the spectrum analysis technology is the difficulty in locating the target which will affect the predication and the analysis. How to choose the right mathematic model becomes the key point in the spectrum analysis. This paper designs the practical manual neural network model to locate the target and predicate. This paper uses error(More)
In this paper, due to select and evaluate difficultly operational plans in the joint operational commend decision, we propose a link-relative evaluation method based on the value analysis. The method evaluates operational plan s according to five factors of "impact force, mobile force, protecting force, information force and guarantee force", and supports(More)
This paper describes a practical approach of network management software for telecom domain based on model-driven approach and CSCW technology. A modeling tool, customizing tool and telecom network object framework have been developed. The modeling tool provides an environment on which the modeler can model domain entities and relationships, and the(More)
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