Shichao Yang

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— We consider the problem of understanding the 3D layout of indoor corridor scenes from a single image in real time. Identifying obstacles such as walls is essential for robot navigation, but also challenging due to the diversity in structure, appearance and illumination of real-world corridor scenes. Many current single-image methods make Manhattan-world(More)
This paper addresses the problem of autonomous navigation of a mi-cro aerial vehicle (MAV) inside a constrained shipboard environment for inspection and damage assessment, which might be perilous or inaccessible for humans especially in emergency scenarios. The environment is GPS-denied and visually degraded, containing narrow passageways, doorways and(More)
— Existing simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms are not robust in challenging low-texture environments because there are only few salient features. The resulting sparse or semi-dense map also conveys little information for motion planning. Though some work utilize plane or scene layout for dense map regularization, they require decent(More)
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