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—Clustering for uncertain data is an interesting research topic in data mining. Researchers prefer to define uncertain data clustering problem by using combinatorial optimization model. Heuristic clustering algorithm is an efficient way to deal with this kind of clustering problem, but initialization sensitivity is one of inevitable drawbacks. (3) design a(More)
Along With the construction of urbanization, the electricity loads of large cities and load centers are increasing day by day. However, due to the land resources and environment and other factors, the development of conventional power supply is limited. Distributed generation is one of the effective ways to alleviate the surge of power load in the load(More)
System visit quantity forecast is the basic aspect which needs consider when develops the basic aspect which needs consider when school news information system is developed, and is important function of the system. In the paper, effect factor of visit quantity of school news information system is analyzed, and visit quantity is forecasted. Different person(More)
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