Shichang Xu

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Mobile Internet availability, performance and reliability have remained stubbornly opaque since the rise of cellular data access. Conducting network measurements can give us insight into user-perceived network conditions, but doing so requires careful consideration of device state and efficient use of scarce resources. Existing approaches address these(More)
Verticillium wilt of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) is a widespread and destructive disease that is caused by the soil-borne fungus pathogen Verticillium dahliae (V. dahliae). To study the molecular mechanism in wilt tolerance, suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH) and dot blot techniques were used to identify the specifically expressed genes in a(More)
Plant-specific NAC transcription factors (TFs) constitute a large family and play important roles in regulating plant developmental processes and responses to environmental stresses, but only some of them have been investigated for effects on disease reaction in cereal crops. Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) is an effective strategy for rapid functional(More)
Stripe rust is one of major diseases in wheat production worldwide. The best economic and efficient method is to utilize resistant varieties. Alturas has high-temperature adult-plant resistance. In order to determine stripe rust resistance characteristics, resistance gene combination and molecular map of the resistance gene(s), Alturas was crossed with(More)
While the availability and accessibility of cellular network connectivity have improved in recent years, our ability to diagnose and debug network problems in this environment has not. One key challenge is that many of the network problems occur near the edge of the network where only mobile devices can perceive them, but network and battery resources to(More)
Postulating and inferring resistance genes to wheat stripe rust are a complicated process and need abundant expertise. An expert system for postulating and inferring resistance genes to wheat stripe rust (PRSRW) was developed by China Agricultural University. The process of PRSRW was described on the basis of the user's requirement. The system structure and(More)
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