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The 14-3-3σ proteins are a family of ubiquitous conserved eukaryotic regulatory molecules involved in the regulation of mitogenic signal transduction, apoptotic cell death, and cell cycle control. A lot of small-molecule inhibitors have been identified for 14-3-3 protein-protein interactions (PPIs). In this work, we carried out molecular dynamics (MD)(More)
Reliable determination of binding kinetics and affinity of DNA hybridization and single-base mismatches plays an essential role in systems biology, personalized and precision medicine. The standard tools are optical-based sensors that are difficult to operate in low cost and to miniaturize for high-throughput measurement. Biosensors based on nanowire(More)
We report a kind of electric field tunable transparent and flexible capacitor with the structure of graphene-Bi1.5MgNb1.5O7 (BMN)-graphene. The graphene films with low sheet resistance were grown by chemical vapor deposition. The BMN thin films were fabricated on graphene by using laser molecular beam epitaxy technology. Compared to BMN films grown on Au,(More)
A capacitive type biosensor based on large-area multilayer graphene produced by chemical vapor deposition was fabricated in this work. Graphene film was transferred to cover indium tin oxides films which were used as one electrode of the capacitor. Planar Au film was on the top of the graphene substrate as the other electrode of the capacitor. Between the(More)
The cleaning and disinfection of the endoscopes are extremely important for reducing endoscopic transmission of infections in hospitals. There have been many such cases of medical accidents reported in the history and most are caused by poor management. According to the Technical Specifications for the Cleaning and Disinfection of Endoscopes (2004) of(More)
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