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The Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) is a promising alternative to DDRx memory due to its potential to achieve significantly higher bandwidth. However, the high static power of an HMC device compromises power efficiency when the device is lightly utilized. Activating a sleeping HMC takes over 2μs, which makes it challenging to manage HMC power without a(More)
Islanding detection is one of the essential features for photovoltaic grid-connected systems; detection performance is directly related to safe operation of the equipment. Summarize existing islanding detection, then an active method based on frequency – reactive power feedback islanding detection is proposed. Once an islanding condition occurs, the method(More)
This paper describes a design approach to Lorentz motors that serve as active damping component applicable in dynamic vibration isolators used for integrated circuit(IC) equipments. To satisfy the demand of high force density in constrained space and high current accuracy of motor drive for active damping, an analytical layer model with proper(More)
The cutting efficiency in underground excavations relies on the optimum parameters of the cutting tool and the cutting process. However, the optimization of the cutting tool design and the cutting process is a challenge and requires knowledge about the tool-rock interaction. This paper aims to investigate the tool-rock interaction using a rock cutting(More)
To maintain the straightness of an unmanned longwall mining face, a track geometry surveying model of the scraper conveyor was constructed based on the position of the shearer. A surveying instrument was developed employing an inertial measurement unit and axial encoder. Surveying tests were conducted using a longwall mining face mock-up, and the 3-D(More)
Modern computer systems expend significant amounts of energy on transmitting data over long and highly capacitive interconnects. A promising way of reducing the data movement energy is to design the interconnect such that the transmission of 0s is considerably cheaper than that of 1s. Given such an interconnect with asymmetric transmission costs, data(More)
We present here an implementation of the novel test called binary 0-1 test which is a chaos detection method and applied to the sunspot time series. This method seems to represent a useful improvement for the non-stationary time series chaotic characteristic analysis and computationally low cost. It is concluded that the monthly mean relative sunspot time(More)
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