Shibo Wang

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The Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) is a promising alternative to DDRx memory due to its potential to achieve significantly higher bandwidth. However, the high static power of an HMC device compromises power efficiency when the device is lightly utilized. Activating a sleeping HMC takes over 2µs, which makes it challenging to manage HMC power without a substantial(More)
In this work, the plane-on-plane torsional fretting tribological behavior of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) was studied. A model of a rigid, flat-ended punch acting on an elastic half-space was built according to the experimental conditions. The results indicate that the shape of T-θ curves was influenced by both the torsional angle and the normal load. The(More)
A novel method to fabricate shape controllable alginate/pNIPAAm complex microgels is reported. Monodisperse alginate/pNIPAAm droplets are created via microfluidics and cross-linked in different concentrations of hot glycerol/barium acetate water solutions. By changing the initial droplet size and glycerol concentration of the collecting solution, the(More)
This paper describes a design approach to Lorentz motors that serve as active damping component applicable in dynamic vibration isolators used for integrated circuit(IC) equipments. To satisfy the demand of high force density in constrained space and high current accuracy of motor drive for active damping, an analytical layer model with proper(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the artificial bladder reflex arc by the normal body reflex pathway above the horizon of spinal cord injury to reinnervate the flaccid bladder and restore bladder micturition function. METHODS An intradural microanastomosis was performed on the L6 ventral root to the S2 ventral root. After axonal regeneration,the "patellar(More)
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