Shibin Zhao

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We report the development of a Pd-catalyzed process for the stereospecific cross-coupling of unactivated secondary alkylboron nucleophiles and aryl chlorides. This process tolerates the use of secondary alkylboronic acids and secondary alkyltrifluoroborates and occurs without significant isomerization of the alkyl nucelophile. Optically active secondary(More)
PURPOSE Researchers developed evaluation tools measuring employment relevant satisfaction for nursing new graduates. The evaluation tools were designed to be relevant to nursing managers who make employment decisions and nursing new graduates who were just employed. METHODS In-depth interviews and an expert panel were established to review the activities(More)
In 2008, China established a medical school accreditation process based on international standards and guidelines. Twenty schools had been accredited by 2013 and it is intended to accredit all 137 schools by 2020. To achieve this ambitious aim, Chinese medical educators have entered into collaboration with their Australian counterparts, engendered by mutual(More)
Finite element analysis software is used in this simulation ,we design some defects which have different type dimension, and depth in weld with the preprocessor of the soft, heat flux is imposed on one surface where was welded,surface temperature distribution of tested object is computed,cloud maps of surface temperature distribution are obtained by general(More)
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