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Diversity combining for DS/SS systems with time-varying, correlated fading branches
A new algorithm with only forward-time recursions is proposed that approximates the iterative EM solution and efficiently adapts to slowly changing Doppler spreads for direct-sequence spread-spectrum systems. Expand
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Reduced Complexity Adaptive MAP Receiver for Frequency-Flat, Time-Varying CDMA Channels
An adaptive maximum a posteriori (MAP) receiver withmultiple-access interference (MAI) mitigation is proposed for DS-CDMAsystems in frequency-flat, time-varying fading channels. Expand
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DS-CDMA system with joint channel estimation and MAP detection in time-selective fading channels
In this paper, maximum a posteriori (MAP) detection is applied to a direct-sequence code-division multiple-access (DS-CDMA) system jointly with identification and estimation of time-selective fading channels. Expand
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Joint channel estimation and MAP detection in time-selective CDMA channels
The application of maximum a posteriori (MAP) detection to DS-CDMA systems in time-selective fading channels in which strong multiple-access interference is estimated and suppressed. Expand
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Convergence of a ML parameter-estimation algorithm for DS/SS systems in time-varying channels with strong interference
An unbiased, maximum-likelihood (ML), channel parameter-estimation algorithm for direct-sequence spread-spectrum systems with strong interference is discussed in this paper. Expand
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