Shiau-Chyi Chang

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A basic service in Wireless sensor network is monitoring of particular region of interest. since due to the nature of WSN random development hole in the ROI is obvious. So for these reason ROI should be completely and continuously covered. And in this paper we have attended and covered the issue of hole detection and healing in mobile WSNs. The main(More)
Evaluating the effectiveness of using electroencephalogram power indices to measure visual fatigue " , Perceptual and Motor Skills, (2012). [SSCI] (accepted) Evaluating insole design with joint motion, plantar pressure and rating of perceived exertion measures " , Work: A Journal of Prevention, Constructing 3D human model from front and side images " , The(More)
To compare the expression of endothelial nitrous oxide synthase (e-NOS), which plays a major role in vasoconstriction, in preeclampsia with that in the normotensive placenta and to identify whether or not e-NOS actually influences the pathogenesis of preeclampsia, we have studied the distribution and intensity of the endothelial isoform of NOS expression in(More)
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