Shiaofen Fang

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This paper presents a hardware accelerated approach to the voxelization of a wide range of 3D objects, including curves/surfaces, solids, and geometric and volumetric CSG models. The algorithms generate slices of the object models using a surface graphics processor to form the nal volume representations. Boolean operations in a volumetric CSG model are(More)
Confocal and two-photon fluorescence microscopy have advanced the exploration of complex, three-dimensional biological structures at submicron resolution. We have developed a voxel-based three-dimensional (3-D) imaging program (Voxx) capable of near real-time rendering that runs on inexpensive personal computers. This low-cost interactive 3-D imaging system(More)
Volume morphing is a technique used for generating smooth 3D image transformations and deformations. In this paper, several algorithms are developed for morphing transformations that create new forms and simulate shape deformation and growth in biomedical applications. 3D biological point landmarks and their movements are deened to guide the morphing(More)
The sweeping surface, or generalized cylinder, is important in graphics, computer vision and elsewhere. A rotation minimizing frame, avoid the unnecessary twist given it by the Frenet frame. We give a quadratically convergent algorithm for computing it along a 3D trajectory curve, with an error bound. This is then used to create NURBS-approximated sweeping(More)
Collaborative visualization is an active area of research in computer science. Many di erent techniques and implementations have been proposed. However, most of today's systems require many high-end graphics workstations. By implementing a new technique that separates the 2D and 3D components of the visualization process, we have developed a system called(More)
Transfer function design is an integrated component in volume visualization and data exploration. The common trial-and-error approach for transfer function searching is a very difficult and timeconsuming process. A goal-oriented and parameterized transfer function model is, therefore, crucial in guiding the transfer function searching process for better and(More)
1.2 Related Work Rendering deformable volume data currently needs separate processes for deformation and rendering, and is expensive in terms of both computational and memory costs. Recognizing the importance of unifying these processes, we present a new approach to the direct rendering of deformable volumes without explicitly constructing the intermediate(More)