Shiao-Pin Yen

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The need to design proton-conducting electrolytes for fuel cells operating at temperatures of 120 degrees C and above has prompted the investigation of various "water-free" polymeric materials. The present study investigates the properties of "water-free" proton-conducting membranes prepared from high-molecular-weight polymeric organic amine salts.(More)
In this study we assessed the short-term effect of correcting leg length discrepancy on a vigorously performed task of resisted full body extension in 10 men, 18 to 35 years old, who had estimated leg length discrepancies of 10-15 mm. Using a cable ergometer we examined work performed, initial peak tension exerted on the ergometer, second peak tension, time(More)
We study the electric-dipole transitions between group-III acceptor states in Ge under stress along the [001] crystallographic direction in the effective mass approximation. We systematically investigate the cases of zero stress, infinitesimal stress, and finite stress including the low-stress and the high-stress regions. Our results show quantitative(More)
We study theoretically the electronic structures of various group III acceptors in Ge under [001] stress, based on the effective-mass theory with a semi-empirical impurity potential which considers the q-dependent screening and the central-cell correction. An assignment is made for inter-level transition lines which were previously ignored or incorrectly(More)
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