Shiann Shiun Jeng

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Antenna arrays can be employed in mobile communications to increase channel capacity as well as communication quality via spatially selective reception/transmission at base stations. In most wireless communications systems, directions of arrival of multipath signals need to be found for spatial selective transmission. Unfortunately, due to the coherent(More)
Differing from FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA, space division multiple access (SDMA) uses space resources to improve communication system performance. Utilizing the smart antenna system is an approach to realize the SDMA technique. Smart antenna systems using the beamforming technique can reduce the cochannel interference and multipath fading to increase the channel(More)
Abstract-Due to users’ mobility, the Doppler shift can cause the estimation error of the DOAs in antenna array systems. Therefore, the performance of the DOA based beamforming smart antenna system is degraded. In this paper, we utilize the spatial signature to estimate the Doppler shift. After estimating the Doppler shift, the effect caused by the Doppler(More)