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—We propose Opportunistic Layered Multicasting (OLM), a joint user scheduling and resource allocation algorithm that provides enhanced quality and efficiency for layered video multicast over Mobile WiMAX. This work is a lead off and complete synergy of layered video multicasting with opportunistic concept. The target application is characterized by groups(More)
—Using relay stations (RSs) has been known as a promising technology to improve the system performance of a traditional cellular network. This paper aims to investigate the uplink performance of a relay-assisted cellular network with optimal system parameters. Two performance measures, average power consumption of mobile stations and uplink system spectral(More)
—A low-power high-SFDR CMOS direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDFS) is presented. Several design techniques, including a cell-based lookup table, a power aware parameters selection method, a reduced multiplier, a speeded-up adder/subtracter, an extra pipeline stage, and supply voltage scaling, are used to make the design more easily synthesizable and(More)
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