Shiang-Jiun Lin

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—We propose Opportunistic Layered Multicasting (OLM), a joint user scheduling and resource allocation algorithm that provides enhanced quality and efficiency for layered video multicast over Mobile WiMAX. This work is a lead off and complete synergy of layered video multicasting with opportunistic concept. The target application is characterized by groups(More)
—Deploying fixed relay stations (RSs) in traditional mobile cellular networks is widely recognized as a promising technology to improve cell coverage, user throughput, and system capacity, to save the transmit power of a mobile station (MS) in the uplink, and to provide a low-cost deployment for coverage extension. One crucial step toward developing such a(More)
—Using relay stations (RSs) has been known as a promising technology to improve the system performance of a traditional cellular network. This paper aims to investigate the uplink performance of a relay-assisted cellular network with optimal system parameters. Two performance measures, average power consumption of mobile stations and uplink system spectral(More)
—A low-power high-SFDR CMOS direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDFS) is presented. Several design techniques, including a cell-based lookup table, a power aware parameters selection method, a reduced multiplier, a speeded-up adder/subtracter, an extra pipeline stage, and supply voltage scaling, are used to make the design more easily synthesizable and(More)
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