ShiYu Sun

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BACKGROUND Antimicrobial peptides have become important candidates as new antibiotics against resistant bacterial strains. However, the major industrial manufacture of antimicrobial peptides is chemical synthesis with high costs and in relatively small scale. The Ub-tag and SUMO-tag are useful for increasing the yield of enzymes and other proteins in(More)
Energy distribution of the photoelectrons from InP(100) photocathodes are investigated with a photon energy range from 0.62eV to 2.76eV. When the photon energy is less than 1.8eV, only electrons emitted from the Γ valley are observed in the energy distribution curves (EDC). At higher photon energies, electrons from the L valley are observed. The angular(More)
  • Hf, Hcl Solutions, Shiyu Sun, Yun Sun, Zhi Liu, Dong-Ick Lee +2 others
  • 2005
Oxide removal from Ge(100) surfaces treated by HCl and HF solutions with different concentrations are systematically studied by synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy (SR-PES). SR-PES results show that clean surfaces without any oxide can be obtained after wet chemical cleaning followed by vacuum annealing with a residual carbon contamination of(More)
In this study, to systematically investigate the targeting specificity of membrane-active peptides on different types of cell membranes, we evaluated the effects of peptides on different large unilamellar vesicles mimicking prokaryotic, normal eukaryotic, and cancer cell membranes by single-molecule force spectroscopy and spectrum technology. We revealed(More)
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