Shi-zhu Bai

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PURPOSE The aim of this article was to demonstrate a novel approach to designing facial prostheses using the transplantation concept and computer-assisted technology for extensive, large, maxillofacial defects that cross the facial midline. MATERIALS AND METHODS The three-dimensional (3D) facial surface images of a patient and his relative were(More)
Periodontal regeneration involves the restoration of at least three unique tissues: cementum, periodontal ligament tissue (PDL) and alveolar bone tissue. Here, we first isolated human PDL stem cells (PDLSCs) and jaw bone mesenchymal stem cells (JBMSCs). These cells were then induced to form cell sheets using an ascorbic acid-rich approach, and the cell(More)
BACKGROUND The application of a maxillofacial prosthesis is an alternative to surgery in functional-aesthetic facial reconstruction. Computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing has opened up a new approach to the fabrication of maxillofacial prostheses. An intelligentized rapid simulative design and manufacturing system for prostheses was developed(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the application of digital surgical technology in reconstruction of orbital frame and assess the treatment outcomes. METHODS Seven patients with post-traumatic orbital defect were included in this study. Images of the orbit were obtained for each individual through computed tomography (CT). Preoperative design was finished according(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an effective and feasible method to construct three-dimensional finite element model of the whole edentulous maxilla and cranial skeleton. METHODS Based on three-dimensional computer aided design model which was constructed by multi-slices helical CT scanning data of a male's head in specialized software, three-dimensional finite(More)
Frontal photographs of the head in its natural position are not as easy to achieve as lateral ones. We describe a new way to obtain standard 2-dimensional images of its natural position in full-face frontal view using a customised photographic system, which may provide supplementary information for traditional lateral facial imaging, and be helpful for(More)
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