Shi-yu Li

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Sulfur-containing compounds are one kind of odorant found in sewage treatment works, composting plants, refuse storage and transfer, landfill sites, and associated with various industries. In the present research, the reaction kinetics of ferrate(VI) (Fe(VI)O4(-), Fe(VI)) with 2-mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT), thiosemicarbazide (NH2NHC(S)NH2, TSC), and(More)
Root anatomy, radial oxygen loss (ROL), and tolerances to ferrous (Fe(2+)), sulphide (S(2-)), and zinc (Zn(2+)) ions were investigated in seedlings of eight species of mangrove, including three pioneer species, three rhizophoraceous and two landward semi-mangrove species. The results showed an interesting co-tolerance to Fe(2+), S(2-), and Zn(2+). The three(More)
Oxic-settling-anaerobic process (OSA) was known as a cost-effective way to reduce the excess sludge production with simple upgrade of conventional activated sludge process (CAS). A low oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) level was the key factor to sludge decay and lysis in the sludge holding tank of the OSA process. However, the ORP control with nitrogen(More)
This study compared the sludge reduction performance of a new oxic-settling-anaerobic (NOSA) process with that of a conventional adsorption-biodegradation process. A 50 m(3)/d pilot trial system with two different process configurations was operated for 6 months. The NOSA process functioned effectively in removing both chemical oxygen demand and nitrogen(More)
Hydrogen behavior in oxides has triggered much interest for its scientific and technological importance in a wide range of research fields from novel ion conductors to astrochemistry. Here, we report a giant conductivity enhancement in ZnFe2O4 ferrite insulators to the metallic state by over eleven orders of magnitude induced by electrochemically generated(More)
We have found and synthesized a trapping ligand peptide H22-LP (the conservative sequence is NAHCALL) from a random phage library according to the broad-spectrum trapping receptor H22, which derived from the residue 14-35 near the N-terminal region of receptor US28 on HCMV. In this study, we will evaluate its potential as an efficient antagonist of US28 and(More)
Ambient air quality data, including atmospheric visibility, of Foshan city, a highly polluted city in the Pearl River Delta (PRD), and data obtained by the On-line Air Pollutant Exhaust Monitoring Network (OAPEMN), recently established by the National Emission Monitoring and Control Network for major industrial enterprises, were analyzed and are reported(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the related factors of difficult-to-wean patients in medical intensive care unit (MICU). METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed for 112 patients placed on mechanical ventilation. There were 63 males and 49 females with a mean age of (58 ± 26) years. Their primary diseases included acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive(More)
Cross-linked quaternary chitosan salt was prepared and used to adsorb perchlorate from water. Parameters of cross-linking agent, temperature and pH were investigated to optimize the reaction conditions. The adsorption and regeneration ability of the adsorbent were also conducted. Quaternary chitosan salt could be fixed by cross-linking with glutaraldehyde(More)
Cross-linked chitosan gel beads were used to adsorb perchlorate (ClO4-) from water. Batch experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of temperature, pH, and initial ClO4- concentration, adsorption isotherms and kinetics, and regeneration ability. The adsorption process of ClO4- on chitosan is exothermic reaction. The adsorption capacity varies(More)