Shi-jun Su

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NO was oxidized into NO(2) first by injecting ozone into flue gas stream, and then NO(2) was absorbed from flue gas simultaneously with SO(2) by pyrolusite slurry. Reaction mechanism and products during the absorption process were discussed in the followings. Effects of concentrations of injected ozone, inlet NO, pyrolusite and reaction temperature on(More)
MnO2 in pyrolusite can react with SO2 in flue gas and obtain by-product MnSO4 x H2O. A pilot scale jet bubbling reactor was applied in this work. Different factors affecting both SO2 absorption efficiency and Mn2+ extraction rate have been investigated, these factors include temperature of inlet gas flue, ration of liquid/solid mass flow rate (L/S),(More)
A cross-linked chitosan derivative (CCTS) was synthesized via cross-linking of epichlorohydrin and grafting of triethylene-tetramine. The adsorption performance and capacity of the raw chitosan (CTS) and its derivative were also investigated for removal of Co(2+) from aqueous solution. A maximum adsorbed amount of 30.45 and 59.51mg/g was obtained for CTS(More)
In this study, novel macro porous Ni2+-imprinted chitosan foam adsorbents (F-IIP) were prepared using sodium bicarbonate and glycerine to obtain a porogen for adsorbing nickel ions from aqueous solutions. The use of the ion-imprinting technique for adsorbents preparation improved the nickel ion selectivity and adsorption capacity. We characterised the(More)
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