Shi-guang Zhao

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Previous studies have demonstrated that chronic brain hypoperfusion (CBH) causes Aβ aggregation by upregulating expression of amyloid precursor protein (APP) and β-site APP cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1) protein, which is accompanied by cognitive impairment, but the mechanisms are not fully understood. In this study, we evaluated the effect of microRNA on memory(More)
BACKGROUND Axonal regeneration in lesioned mammalian central nervous system is abortive, and this causes permanent disabilities in individuals with spinal cord injuries. This paper studied the action of neural stem cell (NSC) in promoting corticospinal axons regeneration and synapse reformation in rats with injured spinal cord. METHODS NSCs were isolated(More)
BACKGROUND Extensive evidence implicates the Eph receptor family of tyrosine kinases and its ligand, ephrin, in glioma invasion, but it remains incompletely understood how these receptors affect chemotactic behavior of glioma. We sought to identify the Eph family members that correlate with patients' survival and to reveal the function of Eph in glioma(More)
AIM To determine whether glioma cells can be specifically and efficiently targeted by superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle (SPIO)-fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-chlorotoxin (SPIOFC) that is detectable by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and optical imaging. METHODS SPIOFC was synthesized by conjugating SPIO with FITC and chlorotoxin. Glioma cells(More)
OBJECT Astrocytoma may progress rapidly or remain stable for many years. To clarify whether molecular characteristics could be prognostic factors, several cell cycling-associated molecular alterations in the diffuse astrocytoma have been investigated. METHODS Thirty-three patients in whom WHO Grade II astrocytoma had been initially diagnosed were assigned(More)
This study was designed to provide anatomic data to help surgeons avoid damage to the ocular motor nerves during intraorbital operations. The microsurgical anatomy of the ocular motor nerves was studied in 50 adult cadaveric heads (100 orbits). Dissections were performed with a microscope. The nerves were exposed and the neural and muscular relationships of(More)
Gliomas, the most common primary brain tumors, are characterized by rapid proliferation, marked infiltration, and poor prognosis and are known for their dismal outcomes (Iacob & Din‐ ca, 2009; Lefranc et al., 2006). The infiltrative nature of malignant glioma makes complete resec‐ tion difficult, as tumor margins are unclear. Recurrence of glioma takes(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide scientific evidence of making measures for prevention of pesticide poisoning, the investigation on the condition of pesticide poisoning was carried out in Quzhou. METHODS Registration data of pesticide poisoning from 2008 to 2010 in Quzhou were collected and statistically analyzed by SPSS 12.0. RESULTS During the three years, there(More)